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The Award

The Hodge Award is an annual award recognising the contribution made by a young criminal lawyer to the practice of criminal law in Western Australia. It was first awarded in 2001. Nominations are called for in August/September each year and the award is presented at the Annual Dinner.


Traditionally the award is based upon the following criteria:

  1. The person must be a ‘young’ lawyer (a lawyer is deemed to be a ‘young’ lawyer if they have had less 5 years post admission experience).
  2. To be nominated, the person must have contributed in some special way to the practice of criminal law in Western Australia.
  3. Nominations should set out the reasons that the person being nominated is a worthy recipient of the award.

Selection of the Recipient for the Award

Nominations will be considered by the CLA Committee in consultation with Judge Gillian Braddock SC, the patron of the award.

The CLA Committee reserves the right to consult members of the judiciary and other members of the legal profession in determining the recipient of the award.

Andrew Hodge

Andrew Scott Hodge was a renowned criminal lawyer, who practised at different times in South Australia, Hong Kong and Western Australia,

He was born and qualified in South Australia, working for the Crown, before being a part of a small group who established Bar Chambers, a set of independent barristers' chambers. South Australia is a fused profession, similar to Western Australia. This was groundbreaking at the time. He also was deeply involved in early years of establishing an Aboriginal Legal Service in South Australia and proudly told the story of teaching group of people in a remote part of that state to say the words "not guilty". He appeared in the High Court, without a leader, at the age of 28.

He left South Australia in 1975, and after extensive travels, took up a position with the Attorney General's Chambers in Hong Kong, where he ultimately rose to be deputy DPP.

In 1987, he arrived in Western Australia, and immediately joined the independent bar. He practised almost exclusively in criminal defence work in this state. He was respected for fearlessly taking every available and useful point in his client's interest, and always seeking to set up the potential appeal point from the start. He expected those involved in his cases to work hard at his side. He had a profound respect for the principles underlying the details of the law. He was tireless in the planning and preparation of each case.

He was President of the Criminal Lawyers' Association in 1991 and 1992. He worked to ensure that Western Australia was included in national and international criminal law events and associations. He was especially keen on criminal law conferences.

He was equally famous for his enthusiasm to teach and infect young lawyers with what he considered to be proper methods and values in the practice of the criminal law, including the absolute necessity for conviviality at the end of the court day.

He died in 2001.

Previous Winners

  • 2001 Michelle Airey
  • 2002 Ben Tyers
  • 2003 David Scully
  • 2004 Jason Wee
  • 2005 Mara Barone
  • 2006 Tom Scutt
  • 2007 Brie Ayling
  • 2008 Amanda Blackburn
  • 2009 Kate Cook & Wendy Hughes
  • 2010 Bayan Meshgin
  • 2011 Ashley Watson & William Yoo
  • 2012 Clare Cullen


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